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DataTaika is a small computer service company, helping both private individuals and small to medium-sized companies. It offers a wide range of services, such as fixing hard and software problems, taking care of buying and installing new hard- and software, making sure your computer is safe (software updates, virus and firewall software, security settings and backups), setting up a wired or wireless network, education and instruction and much more. For a more comprehensive overview of what we offer, have a look at our services.

DataTaika is the private company of Bart van Klaveren, a Dutchman who moved to Finland in 2001 and lives in Qatar since the summer of 2016. He brings with him over 20 years of professional experience in building, troubleshooting, maintaining and using computers. Bart has worked for companies as ServiceTec, Compaq and Nokia, and has been an entrepreneur since 2008. DataTaika no longer has an office in Heinola, but is still available by email and can offer remote support.














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