DataTaika concentrates on personal service and therefore ready-made packages do not exist. Our aim is to deliver custom-made solutions to meet the different needs that customers have. Here are, however, some examples of the services that DataTaika offers:

Remote support
Some problems can be solved remotely. If the computer is still operational and is connected to the internet, then DataTaika can take control of your computer and try to solve the problem from a distance. All you need to do is to download and run a small application, called TeamViewer QuickSupport. Installation is not necessary. Contact us for details and instructions.

Security check
Almost daily you can read about the dangers on the Internet. Let DataTaika have a look to make sure your computer has the latest security patches installed and that you have an up-to-date virus scanner and firewall active. If you have a wireless network, we will make sure it has the proper security settings.

PC cleanup
If your computer has become slow or strange new toolbars have appeared in your Internet browser, then your computer might be infested by spyware, or maybe even worse. What you need is a PC cleanup. This includes one or more of the following:

  • Removal of any and all viruses and spyware
  • Install all available Microsoft updates and security fixes (Windows, Office, etc.)
  • Removal of unnecessary files
  • Cleanup and defrag of registry
  • Defrag of hard drive
  • Installation of a freeware firewall and anti-virus program if none are present
  • Installation of spyware protection
  • Install newer versions of your drivers, for instance for your video and sound card.
  • Optimize your Windows settings, to make it run more stable and secure

Note: some of these tasks, like scanning for viruses and defragmenting the hard disk, can take a long time, so it might necessary to spread a PC cleanup over multiple sessions.

How do I ...?
Computers are very powerful and capable of many tasks. Do you want to organize your digital photo's? Rotate pictures, remove the red eye effect? Or make a backup of all important data? But what do I need and how does it work? We can help you to find an easy to use and often inexpensive program to do the job and explain you how it works.

New hardware
Specific needs require specific computers: an office machine, the ultimate gaming machine or a home theatre pc for the living room, they all need to be different. But we do more than computers. Printers, backup-solutions, NAS-servers or even a complete home theatre setup in your living room, we can help you select the hardware you need and offer you a nice deal from one of our partners.

My old PC
It is not always necessary to buy a new computer. Usually there is only one component that is the 'bottleneck'. A well-placed upgrade can make it possible to keep using the computer a while longer. Let us have a look and give you advise before you spent a lot of money on a new computer.

For businesses
DataTaika can take care of all your IT worries. We can take care of maintenance, support and administrating tasks. DataTaika can visit your business on regular scheduled intervals and of course in case of an emergency to look after your computers and your network. We also advise you on upgrades and implement new solutions. We have partnerships with various national and international vendors and can offer you solutions that meet your requirements.

Something else?
DataTaika is a flexible and dynamic company. The above are just examples. If there is something else you need that is not listed here, please contact us. We may still be able to help you or refer you to somebody who can. Let our expertise meet your needs.




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